Adjusting to the arrival of a newborn is a very important time in your family’s life — equally as important as the preparation for and the celebration of the birth itself.

The midwives of Alaska Family Health & Birth Center provide you with continued care and support immediately after your baby’s arrival. New mothers appreciate the convenience and comfort of a home visit, along with attentive and personalized support for breastfeeding.

We also provide the following screenings mandated by the state of Alaska:

  • Newborn metabolic (PKU) screening is done at the 24-hour home visit and when the baby is two weeks old.
  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD) screening is done at the 24 hour home visit.
  • Screening newborns for diseases that are not apparent at birth allows very early treatment to prevent or reduce physical effects and brain damage.
  • Hearing screening is done at the birth center when the baby is one week old.

Whether you deliver your baby at the birth center or at home, your midwife visits you within 24 hours to follow-up on how you are recovering and check on how your newborn is adjusting to his or her new environment.

Home visits especially for you and baby

A home visit within 24 hours after childbirth supports your recovery and breastfeeding efforts.

During this home visit, your midwife:

  • assesses how you and your baby are doing overall
  • ensures your baby is nursing properly
  • determines if you need extra assistance or support with your recovery and/or breastfeeding
  • performs metabolic screening (mandated by law)
  • schedules appointments with lactation consultants or doctors (if needed)
  • offers additional home visits as needed

Our objective is to assure you that you have all the support and assistance you need to recover and properly care for your baby.


Breastfeeding Support

Not only is breastfeeding a loving way to bond with your newborn, breast milk offers the ultimate nutritional support. Nursing your baby is completely natural and reinforces your body’s motherly instinct to nurture.

Breastfeeding support begins before birth

Alaska Family Health & Birth Center offers many resources to prepare you for a successful breastfeeding experience. We offer a regular childbirth preparation classhere at the birth center. We also recommend a monthly breastfeeding class led by a public health nurse and lactation consultant at Tanana Valley Clinic.

Immediately after birth, your midwife supports your breastfeeding success by:

  • letting you experience undisturbed skin-to-skin contact between you and baby
  • showing you comfortable nursing positions
  • creating an optimal latch
  • reinforcing baby-led timing for nursing

Your midwife is your guide and support system — you can contact her anytime for additional answers or assistance.