Meet Our Midwives

All of our midwives collaborate to collectively support you in pregnancy through labor. This team-coordinated approach allows you to know each staff member and also ensures that you have the most rested midwife for every part of your maternity care.

Our team is comprised of of both Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Direct Entry Midwives.  All of our midwives hold state and national certification.

Our birth center is licensed in Alaska and CABC accredited, ensuring that we are practicing the highest quality of care.

Midwife Dana Brown Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Delta, Salcha, Tok, Nenana

Dana Brown,CDM,CPM Executive Director  

Dana Brown has enjoyed birth as long as she can remember. Growing up on a ranch in Nevada, she witnessed horses and many other animals being born throughout her childhood.

Dana began her midwifery practice by supporting women during home births in Wasilla, Alaska from October 1986 to February 1988. In 1988 she returned to Fairbanks to practice midwifery in collaboration with a family physician for ten years at the Alaska Family Health & Birth Center (AFH&BC).

Today, Dana still loves and appreciates nature, enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, traveling, horseback riding and gardening. She also enjoys yoga, reading, music, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Dana is grateful for the opportunities to give birth to her own children at home and to attend the births of her grandchildren.

Dana says, “I love and am deeply rooted in my community as a community midwife.”

Midwife Cheryl Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Delta, Salcha, Tok, Nenana

Cheryl Corrick, cpM, Administrative Director

Since 1992, Cheryl Corrick has enjoyed different roles at Alaska Family Health & Birth Center (AFH&BC) ranging from midwife, administrative director, part-time birth attendant, and childbirth educator.

Cheryl is a lifelong Fairbanksan and became interested in becoming a midwife when she had her second baby at AFH&BC. She enjoys the great atmosphere at the birth center. Cheryl says, “I love seeing the new babies being born and the beautiful bonding between the moms, dads, and the babies.”

She enjoys activities with her kids, reading, movies, Alaskan summers, bike riding, traveling, cooking and spending time with family.

Midwife Cheryl Moon Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Delta, Salcha, Tok, Nenana

Julie Moon, CNM, Clinical Director

Julie Moon has been a Midwife at AFHBC since 2014.  Before that, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth educator in Ketchikan and Kodiak for 14 years.

Julie has had a passion for birth since she was a young girl listening to her mother and aunts talk about birth and babies as each cousin was added to her family. Julie believes pregnancy and birth are all a process to help a couple grow themselves as parents, and she loves nothing more than helping couples find their path as parents in the way that is right for them.

Julie has three young children and an amazing husband who retired from the Coast Guard and stays at home with their children while she pursues her dream of midwifery.  She enjoys yoga, kayaking, hiking, camping, and traveling with her family, reading until the early hours, gardening, and experiencing new things.

Julie had her last child at home, and is grateful to be able to help other women find their way to the right birth for themselves and their babies.  She is also excited to offer well-woman care to AFH&BC, and to be able to provide holistic, evidence-based medical care to women from puberty to menopause.

Amanda (Manga) Penwell, CDM, CPM, MSM

MIdwife Amanda penwell Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Delta, Salcha, Tok, Nenana

From a young age Amanda Penwell, who goes by Manga, loved pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  As one of 7 kids, she saw the process played out in a way that made it a wonderful and fulfilling part of life.  Her mother did not instill a fear of birth, but let her be a part of it as the normal part of life that it is.  This is Manga’s foundation for knowing that birth is a normal and wonderful piece of family life.

Manga started her midwifery journey at 18.  She attended midwifery school and was grateful that women graciously allowed her to be a part of their births.  She learned that women are strong and birth works!  Since then, she has continuously worked as a midwife both in the US and overseas.  She has enjoyed her journey.

Manga has now returned to Fairbanks with her husband, Zak, and her two children.  Both of Manga’s children were born at home with midwives.  Manga and Zak were married in Fairbanks and left to travel the world. They are so excited to be home and to be raising their kids in Fairbanks.  They look forward to many years of serving and being a part of this wonderful community.

Midwife Kate parks Fairbanks, North Star Borough, Delta, Salcha, Tok, Nenana

Kate Parks, CDm, CPM

Kate had been a practicing doula for 7 years before apprenticing as a midwife with AFH&BC since the fall of 2013. She is a firm believer in the midwifery model of care.  It was her own experience home birthing her son, as well as attending births as a doula, that helped her embrace her dream of becoming a certified direct-entry midwife. She loves working with the inspiring midwives and staff, as well as the wonderful mothers and babies that come to the clinic for their care.

Kate became licensed as a Certified Direct-Entry Midwife with the state of Alaska in October 2016 and is a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives. She is currently serving as Vice President of the Midwives Association of Alaska.

Kate Parks has been a part of the Fairbanks community for over 20 years and is honored to continue serving her community as part of the Alaska Family Health & Birth Center team for years to come. .  She is married to local musician and business owner, Dave Parks.  They live in Goldstream Valley with their two children, Ella and Lucien.


Joy KelleR, CDM

Joy Keller lives on a community farm in Delta and primarily serves mothers also living there by attending their births, either at home or at Alaska Family Health & Birth Center (AFH&BC). She also occasionally fills in for the staff midwives at AFH&BC.

Joy was born at home and was 12-years old when she experienced her first home birth with a midwife. While growing up, she witnessed home births and took every opportunity to study childbirth-related topics while in high school. She taught elementary school children before training to become a midwife.

Joy has always loved and enjoyed nature which has greatly influenced her as a midwife.


Kayla Frank, CDM

Kayla became a Certified Direct-Entry Midwife in January 2016. She trained as a birth assistant and childbirth educator after the birth of her first child in 2007. She started her apprenticeship in 2011. She has a loving husband and five wonderful children, with all of her births being attended by midwives.



Mollie Whipple, student midwife



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